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Supply cellulose fiber
Nov 24, 2016

We can supply the cellulose fiber with the competitive price and good quality.

Cellulose fiber apprearance is cotton fiber, the color is white or grey. We can supply the different length and thickness of fiber, to meet our customers requirements.

Due to the processing temperature above  250 ℃ , it is very stable in normal conditions is the chemical substance, can not be corroded by general solvent, acid, alkali, with non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution, no radiation of fine quality, which is not effect the enviornment and harmless to human body. It is a green environmental protection product, this is what other quality of mineral fiber does not have.

It is widely used in the asphalt pavement, concrete, mortar, gypsum products, wood pulp sponge, and other fields, to prevent the coating crack, improve the water retention and improve the stability of the production and construction of conformance, increase strength, strengthen adhesion to surfaces has a good effect. 

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